Strength Starts with Self Care - ITEM m6


March 24, 2020

At ITEM m6, we know the importance of both physical and emotion wellness. As a response to the COVID-19 crisis, many of us have gone into hibernation-mode, and with that, we often forgo our usual routines. While a couple pajama days can feel like a “treat yourself” moment, being in long term snuggle mode can affect your productivity, your self-esteem, and your overall well being.

Some good advice for those of us who are working from home and practicing social distancing is to stick to your usual daily routine, and spend some additional time on activities that make you feel physically and emotionally strong, active, and happy. 

To start, be sure to get out of bed in the morning, shower, and get dressed for the day, even if the farthest you venture out is to the mailbox and back. Set aside a dedicated work space, and take frequent breaks to stretch, meditate, or be creative. And lastly, invest some extra time and attention in yourself. Whether it’s sporting a sassy red lip, splurging on an exfoliating mask, or power dressing for your Skype call, don’t let the little moments that give you strength and confidence fall by the wayside. 

We’ve got some great items that are both comfortable enough for your couch time, and polished enough to keep you feeling as empowered as ever. Our Mesh Bodysuit Shaper adjusts for flawless fit, and the light compression smooths and supports your torso with no slipping or digging. Our Angel Shape Posture Shirt features smart design that supports your core and promotes strong posture (a great choice if you’re on your computer for long periods of time). And our Energizing Opaque Leggings are supremely comfortable, great for layering, and keep your legs energized all day long, thanks to our unique contouring technology. And of course, the compression technology used in the construction of all of our products supports circulation, stimulating and energizing your body. 

Navigating such strange circumstances can be incredibly challenging, but it’s important to remember that strength starts with self care. We encourage you all to take care of yourselves, your loved ones, and your communities by social distancing, checking in digitally with friends and family, and paying special attention to your health.