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February 23, 2020

Power dressing used to mean feeling strong by emulating men’s fashion. The 70s and 80s were peppered with oversized jackets, shoulder pads, and trousers with belts. Now, power dressing is about finding ways to assert your own point of view, making people sit up and pay attention, and emanating a confidence that supersedes even the fashion itself. Because the clothes don’t make the woman, but they can sure make her shine.

Pulling off a power dressing moment starts with basic foundational pieces that set the stage for the statement you want to make. We tailor bodywear that reinforces the confidence you feel when you look in the mirror. It’s a reliable fit that you don’t have to tug back into place. It’s clean, trim lines that allow your power pieces to sit beautifully on your body. It includes unique weaving and compression technology that promotes circulation, promotes strong posture, and energizes you. And it keeps you comfortable and confident from the moment it goes on to the moment you slip it off.

To start, define your waist and support your core with our Classic Shaper Tank. It comes in nude or black, with clean and modern lines so you can wear it under any blouse or show a peek of it below a blazer or button-up.

Follow up with our Beauty Tights for compression technology to keep your legs feeling light and energized. They’re woven to be ultra-resistant to snags and runs, double reinforced at the foot for strength and constructed with form-fit technology that keeps them from bunching or sagging. Boots, booties, or ballet flats all look great with our Beauty Tights.

We can’t get enough of a power dressing woman, and we want to give you all the tools you need. Shapewear that doesn’t distract. Legwear with impeccable fit. So that what really shines through is you.