Roll Out Your Own Red Carpet - ITEM m6


January 21, 2020

Awards season is upon us. Every fashion channel, magazine, and Instagram feed is inundating us with flawless celebrity bodies in show-stopping gowns. Bodies that have been buffed, bronzed, lifted, and free of lumps and bumps, and with that­ – a confidence that pops right off the screen. Chin-up, shoulders-back, power-posing confidence.

Not everyone can invest all the hours, dollars, and trade-secrets that go into pulling off an award show look, but we know that same red-carpet confidence is attainable for anyone who feels their very best. And we’re in the business of helping you feel your very best.

Enter a new Oscar-season staple, our brand-new Contouring Tights. If you’re looking for Kardashian-caliber legs, but don’t have a personal make-up artist to apply your body bronzer, this is the solution. We’ve crafted these with input from professional make-up artists to create a beautifully subtle slimming and defining feature on our sheerest, most barely-there tights. Add in our world-class compression technology, and you’ll have legs that will make you want to wear your most daringly-slitted skirt to the grocery store.

Another essential item is ourMesh Bodysuit Shaper. A game-changer that slims, smooths, and supports just like our other compression bodywear, but with gorgeous peekaboo mesh detailing, you won’t mind showing off this piece. (Can you say that about anyone else’s shapewear?) Pair it with a dramatic floor length skirt or open jacket and let the subtle sexiness turn heads. And with flat seams and perfect smoothing technology, you can also wear it under any dress and it’s undetectable.

The best thing about these two pieces is that they’re expertly stitched and beautifully designed to stand up to any paparazzi flash bulb pointed in their direction. Don’t believe us? Slip them on, roll out that red carpet, and let your confidence speak for itself.