Being experts in the medical compression space, we recognized the unmatched health and beauty benefits that our core compression technology provides for everyday wear. 

This includes increased blood circulation, improvement in the body’s oxygen levels, a natural boost of energy, and micro-circulation on the surface of the skin to reduce cellulite, spider veins and skin imperfections over time!


We pride ourselves in innovative shapewear and shaping legwear that is breathable, comfortable and makes you feel as amazing as you look. 

The micro-circulation provided by our products, combat cellulite, prevent spider veins, and provide an overall smoother skin texture, all while contouring, defining, and lifting.

ITEM m6 utilizes high-tech graduated compression knitting profiles that promote circulation, and contour to the body without feeling tight or constricting. 

While ITEM m6 is not a medical product, we do offer a 15-20 mmHg graduated compression profile in our Luxe legwear products. 

Our Easy line offers a splash of compression at 8-10 mmHg.  Both compression levels are great for travel, lighter feeling legs, and for improving skin texture. 

For a perfect fit, simply refer to your dress size (S: 0-4, M: 6-8, L: 10-12, L+: 14+). Our legwear goes a step further by providing you with a length option as well (L1: 5’7” and shorter, L2: 5’7” and taller). Please note that due to the gentle compression in our products, your correct size may feel a bit snug at first, but will adjust to your silhouette within minutes of wear!

EASY CARE! Machine wash cold and tumble dry low.  This will help maintain the life of the compression threads, guaranteeing a perfect fit. We don’t recommend using any liquid fabric softeners as this reduces the effectiveness of the compression.

Feel free to return any product that isn’t the perfect fit as we offer a 60 day product guarantee.  

Please contact us on live chat or email us at info@itemm6usa.com if you need product recommendations for an exchange.  

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