The Fashion of Feeling Good - ITEM m6


September 01, 2020

We know you’re feeling it – the slog – the emotional and physical heft of little social interaction, few scenery changes, and the general melancholy of navigating a global pandemic.

We carry these things in our bodies - via stress, tension, and fatigue, and when emotional loads grow too heavy, it can take a toll physically. But if there’s one thing we love about a bold woman, it’s her resilience. And we’ve just released some new designs that will allow you to rock that resilience like never before. 

For instance, our Power Mesh Angel Shirt (a take on our hugely popular original Angel Shirt) uses our highest-standard compression technology to gently reinforce correct back posture and stimulate your core muscles, combatting the hours bent over your laptop and a long day of tackling laundry. Our new Power Mesh Leggings are also woven with compression technology, perfectly-placed power mesh design, and a wide, non-restrictive waistband to both flatter your shape AND maintain theirs, meaning they’ll stand up to whatever the day throws at you, while still looking and feeling as good as when you first slipped them on. 

Another huge benefit - you’ll feel gorgeous. And yes, that’s also important. The feminine mesh detailing and the flattering cut of our Angel Shirt, plus the booty lifting construction of our leggings, will break up the gloom of your usual loungewear. We can’t wait until you catch yourself in the mirror, admire your perfect curves, and walk away with a spring in your step. Investing in loungewear that makes you feel your best can make all the difference.

Finally, as we’re working through the ups and downs of this pandemic, don’t distance from yourself. Check in often, take care of your needs - whether physical or emotional, and repeat this mantra: My resilience is my superpower.