Love The [Second] Skin You’re In - ITEM m6


November 04, 2019

Let’s discuss a misconception many women are willing to accept: Shapewear helps us look better, but doesn’t actually make us feel better. Yes, we’re a little smoother under that dress, and our waists feel a little trimmer, but with that comes the tugging, the readjusting, the shallow breaths, and the general feeling that you’re just tightly packed into sausage casing that doesn’t breathe, or move, or make you feel like you.

We believe shapewear should enhance and support who you are, not cause even more problems. That’s why ITEM m6 set out to design leggings, tights, and shapewear that actually feel good to wear, benefit your body, and as a natural extension, your state of mind.

For starters, we use the highest quality fabrics we could find, with high-tech weaving that adapts to your unique shape, like a second skin that smooths and supports instead of constricts. Then we designed our garments to stay put with high tech fibers, wider bands, and compression threading that prevents slipping and digging. Finally, we tackled breathability to offer heat and moisture management. So whether you’re sitting in a too-chilly office, or running to catch an Uber, our shapewear is working with you... not against you.

Year-round wearability means you can be fashion forward no matter the weather. As we head into the chilly season, we’re loving our leggings and tights, great for rocking your fall boots or layering under a tunic or dress. With a whole range of color, thickness, and opacity, you can serve up whatever fall fashion your heart desires.