That Heavenly Feeling - ITEM m6


December 03, 2019

There’s a magic in walking out your front door with unstoppable confidence. Chin up, shoulders back, standing tall, and ready to take on your day – it’s a power posture, and it feels heavenly. 

We thought – what if we could create a piece of clothing that could empower you to walk out the door emanating that magic? Just as a woman gains confidence from the support of women around her, what if we could create a piece that supports your body so that you can radiate that confidence?

We created the Angel Shirt with a sophisticated combination of maximum body definition and a gentle fit that doesn’t slip, roll, or pinch. It features a smart design that supports your body in an upright posture, gently guiding your shoulders and straightening you back, all while smoothing your silhouette.

A layering staple, the Angel Shirt can be beautifully styled with bottoms or skirts, as inner or outerwear, and is great under a blazer our blouse. Grab one today.