Created for a woman’s frame, and her frame of mind - ITEM m6


October 07, 2019

Designing for a woman’s body means taking into account more than just her silhouette. We design for a woman’s lifestyle. What hurdles does she face every day? What does she need to accomplish? What makes her feel bold?

We aim to make her feel strong, confident, supported, beautiful, and ready to conquer whatever it is she sets her mind to. We design high-tech contouring pieces that comfortably define and perfect a woman’s silhouette, without binding or restricting movement. We offer shapewear that supports in all the right places, legwear that promotes healthy circulation, and tops that encourage better posture. We pay special attention to clean lines and fashion-forward details that will enhance whatever statement it is she wants to make. And we invest in quality materials that are just as strong as the woman wearing them – creating shapewear that can withstand all the pressures a woman faces, and look beautiful all the while.

Everything a woman is capable of on the inside should be reflected on the outside, and it’s our goal to design shapewear that enables just that. Read about how we design our items to benefit you, and find the perfect shapewear piece for your frame of mind.