Cozy Tights

Size Guide
Legwear Tights Sizing
Luxuriously plush and supremely comfortable, these opaque tights keep you energized all day long, thanks to ITEM m6’s unique contouring technology. Whether you're out on the town or nestled on the couch, these cozy tights will be your new favorite companion.
  • Plush loop knit and moisture wicking fibers add warmth and insulation
  • Double reinforced toe and heel for extra comfort and durability
  • Beautifully easy to own—machine wash and dry

The Result: Smooth silhouette and lighter feeling legs that stay warm in extremely cold temperatures.

Style with: Dresses and skirts for a flawless fit indoors and outdoors.

Sizing: According to dress size (S: 0-4, M: 6-8, L: 10-12) and height (L1: up to 5'6" or L2: over 5'6")