Hey Mama Maternity Tights

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Legwear Tights Sizing

These tights gently support your tummy, while remaining flexible and comfortable throughout your pregnancy. The push-up effect at the rear molds to your figure perfectly, while high-tech knitwear provides you with soothing support on the back, while providing a stay put fit.  Top performance is combined with unparalleled wearing comfort and is super soft on your skin.

Immediately after getting dressed, you will feel the effect of the medi compression integrated in the Tights Mama 50 DEN. The maternity tights activate the oxygen supply with a precisely defined pressure curve. In this way, it provides more energy and makes for visually slimmer legs, which feel wonderfully light. As ideal tights for pregnancy, they are extra colorfast and have a belly section that grows with you - of course without any compression. The eye catcher is the embroidered heart design that lovingly puts your baby belly front and center. 

Material: 72% polyamide, 28% elastane

Care: Machine wash and dry!